About Our Services

High Quality

Our Quality Policy is “To produce products complying with the national and international standards, to achieve the main target of ensuring customer and employee satisfaction, and to demonstrate perpetual improvement and development, by working in collaboration during all the activities”

Lowest Delivery Time

We offer guaranteed lowest delivery time to our esteemed buyers, understanding their needs for timely deliveries. Our daily capacity is 80-90 Tons per day. We usually commit only spot deals which enables us to ship our steel products on time.

M.I.Z. STEEL MILLS is capable for delivering several standards and various sizes of Deformed Steel Bars ranging from 10mm to 32mm.

Process Flow

A compact process flow, supported by modern systems ensures order fulfillment with high product quality, short lead times and high delivery reliability.

Low Level Emission

Unlike scrap based steel plants which face emission-control problem resulting from heavy and toxic chemicals, MIZ Steel diligently complies with regulations that promote environmental care. Our production is based on DRI, which employs the cleanest raw materials. An external accredited laboratory has conferment our ability to maintain very low levels of heavy metal and dioxin emissions.